Saturday, 30 July 2016

What health conditions are treated by a urologist

Embarrassment; yes that’s the word that comes to mind when discussing such delicate health issues. So much for the fact that we tend to give them a pass when symptoms come knocking at our door because we, the human beings, don’t want to be at the helm of embarrassment. Unfortunately, if you encounter problems with your prostate or urinary tract, don’t let the thought of mortification come to your mind because it may restrict you from seeing a professional. You may discover your problems are easily resolved. But understand this! It is crucial for your good health that symptoms are detected early. Don’t let embarrassment rule you or you may wind up on the hospital bed. Let’s study the symptoms that require a professional opinion of a urologist.

  1. Recurrent urinary tract or bladder infections: Women experience bladder and urinary tract infections more than men. Ask any person who in the past has suffered from bladder infection and he’ll tell you how painful and discomforting it is. The frequent eagerness to empty the bladder even though it is empty can be frightening. There are over-the-counter medicines to go along with natural resources and one of them is consuming plenty of liquid. It flushes out the bacteria that cause infection. But sometimes, medicine is the only remedy. If such infections are regular, your urologist may conduct tests to get to the root cause of the problem and then prescribe medication accordingly.
  2. Kidney Stones: The pain one goes through when passing a kidney stone is unimaginable. A kidney stone develops when the body producing minerals are combined with salt resulting in small crystal-like stones. Their passing with the urine is one hell of an experience. The amplitude of pain depends on the size of the stones. They can vary from small pebbles to table-tennis balls. Often the pain is compared to child birth. Kidney stones are prevalent and people will tell you loads of remedies to get rid of them. But it’s best to be under medical supervision of a urologist.  You may have to undergo ultrasounds and x-rays. Remember: You will not regret the decision to visit a urologist.
  3. Incontinence: Incontinence may be a laughable subject for others but those suffering from it will tell you how embarrassing it is. More often than not, it is a minor leakage when one sneezes or laughs. It becomes major when there is no control. The causes may include vaginal infections, weak pelvic muscles or other diseases. The services of a urologist are necessary to diagnose this issue. He or she will take your blood samples; conduct a thorough physical examination to the get to the bottom of the issue. The treatment may include dietary changes, weight loss programs, exercises and proper medication. Again, you must understand the role of a urologist is very important in keeping you in good health. 

Apart from these, urologists also specialise in male infertility, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculationtumours and female urology. Some urologists are known to performing renal transplants, reconstructive urology, kidney transplants and more. 

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