Saturday, 23 July 2016

7 Ways To Deal With Constipation During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings storm of happiness but throws some serious challenges to deal with. After fluctuating food cravings, mood swings, back pain, constipation is the last thing you want to encounter during pregnancy. Unfortunately, pregnant women have to deal with it. Due to rise in progesterone level, bowel movements slow down leading to constipation. Here’s your survival guide if you are one of those unlucky women who has to face bowel issues along with carrying a baby in the womb:

  • Incorporate more fibre in your meals: This is by far the most easiest and reliable method to relieve oneself from symptoms of constipation. Choose whole grains, pulses, cereals, beans in all shapes and varieties. Don’t forget to add green vegetables like spinach and fruits in your daily meal plan. This helps regulate smooth bowel movement. While you make the changes and follow the plans strictly, make sure to cut down on junk food that can wreak havoc in your stomach.
  • Shift your focus to liquids: Your fluid intake plays an important role in smooth bowel movement. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day and stick to it. Additionally, consume liquids that boost overall health and helps in reducing constipation symptoms.
  • Indulge in some light exercise: Exercising during pregnancy will benefit you in multiple ways and one of them is saving you from the pain of constipation. After consulting your gynaecologist, you can start your antenatal exercises; do some brisk walking or other light exercises. Physical activities will help in improving digestion and relieving any sort of constipation symptom.
  • Medications: Sometimes medicine intake prior to delivery like vitamins or iron capsules can lead to constipation. Consult your gynaecologist if you are experiencing symptoms of constipation. She may prescribe you a lesser dose to ease off the symptoms.
  • Divide your meals wisely: It is beneficial to have 6 meals a day and divide them smartly throughout the day.
  • Understand your body signals: If you feel the urge to visit the washroom, just go. Do not delay the nature’s call as it will affect your bowel movement later on.
  • Appointment with your gynaecologist: Consult your practitioner about implementing high fibre powder in your diet or need of taking laxatives. One should never use laxatives on their own during pregnancy. 

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