Monday, 11 July 2016

Exercises which you can do privately at the office

It feels hell embarrassing to stretch arms and legs in a bid to exercise at the office. NO matter how many exercises you try in your 9-6 schedule, you will end up inviting unnecessary attention on yourself. Sitting at your table and exercising is amusing but who said you can’t stretch a leg or arm when you’re alone? Try these exercises in dark hallways of your office or medical room or a place where no eyes are upon you.

  1. Always keep in mind that every little step you walk towards getting at your workplace means a lot. The prime necessity for a fit torso is to take stairs and leaving the elevator. Each time you take stairs, you burn calories. Imagine the calories burnt throughout the day. Burn a few extra calories by doubling or tripling your steps.
  2. The best part about clenching the butt cheeks is that no one will come to know. Simultaneously, you can clench your fists and arms. This exercise burns a lot of calories. If you want a whole body workout, stretch the forearms from the shoulders down.
  3. Standing is by far the easiest and most effective exercise. It may not be the conventional form suggested by experts, but research has shown that longer periods of standing cures lot of problems that same amount of sitting causes. These include diabetes, obesity and heart ailments. So try to stand as long as possible. It’s even better if you can convince your colleagues to join you.
  4. When you are sitting idle, the best thing to do is sit with both legs raised and more importantly, it can be performed under the desk. Count 10 and straighten both your legs. Now bring back legs to resting position. Do this back and forth exercise for at least 5 minutes.
  5. Sit straight on your chair and let the feet touch the floor. Now clasp your hands. The thumb of one hand should face upwards and the other downwards. Avoid moving your arms. 

In a hectic corporate life, we compromise on health and soon we become bait for a number of diseases. In-office exercises are extremely helpful under such demanding environment. But if you are one of those who forget to do exercises at work, set up an alarm. You surely cannot afford to miss them.    

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