Friday, 15 July 2016

Watch that peg! It might kill you

Do you drool over alcohol while enjoying the weekend party? Just think of this when you ponder over next time; alcohol is responsible for six deaths per minute across the globe! Shocked? Wondering what it can do to you? Alcohol kills because people get addicted and ring bells for other diseases such as cancer, violent behaviour, liver problems, injuries and more. The latest WHO report found that people consuming alcohol frequently are vulnerable to disorders like tuberculosis and pneumonia.

The quantity of alcohol consumption

Approximately, individuals (aged 15 or above) drink 6.2 litres of pure alcohol each year but since only 38.3% of the population actually drinks, those who are regular drinkers drink 17 litres per year. The study also revealed that men are likelier to die of alcohol addiction but women are more susceptible. Lower income group is most affected by the health hazards of alcohol consumption.

Where India Stands

Conventionally, India follows a non-drinking culture. However, in the last decade, the consumption has gone up with 32% men and 10% women above 15 drinking alcohol. The situation is worrisome in Delhi. As per a new survey, 64.6% girls and 83.8% boys in Delhi start drinking before age 18. Additionally, 11.1% boys and 2.1% girls spend around Rs.8000 on alcohol per month.

The survey was conducted among the youngsters of Delhi stated that 34.5% males and 28% females consume alcohol at least 2-4 times a week and 77% boys and 46% girls drink more than five glasses at one go.

India reports the highest number of road casualties (138,000) in the world and underage drinking attenuates the situation. The results showed 75% males and 12.3% females have indulged in drunken driving and none of them was ever asked about the age proof. It is high time the management takes stringent action.

How alcohol affects you?

Being high on calories, alcohol promotes weight gain and interferes with your fitness programme. There are some long term effects as well. Excessive alcohol impacts liver functionality and in worse case, damages it.

However, there’s light in the dark. If you want to rid yourself of excess alcohol consumption, always consult an experienced psychiatrist

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