Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Fed up of weight gain? Try these home remedies

Nutritionists are of the opinion that there is a meticulous weight stipulation for both males and females, one that relates to the height, age and gender of the person. When the amount of fat in an individual’s body exceeds the normal value, he/she is considered fat or obese. Excess weight can lead to scores of health problems, but thankfully, there are some home grown remedies which when used effectively can keep a check on your weight.


Bottle gourd is enriched with fibre and contains no fat. It restricts hunger pangs by keeping stomach filled for a longer duration. You can either consume it in the liquid form or make a vegetable puree.


If you are unable to resist the sweet chocolate bar daily, you have the option of preventing that chocolate converting into fats by consuming lots of cabbage. This superbly beneficial vegetable has tartaric acid which aids in burning fat from thighs and belly.


Capsaicin is a substance found in profusion in chili peppers. It is widely acknowledged for its ability to boost metabolism and tumble fatty tissues while keeping a check on a person’s appetite.


Carrots are full of fibre and most of it is soluble. This content is what makes it a natural weight loss food. Drinking carrot juice daily is not only healthy but stomach-filling as well that does not accumulate calories.


Cucumber has long been considered as numero-uno cooling agent for both internal and external parts of the body. Cucumber is mostly water which assists in breaking fat cells. So, try to mix cucumber with your daily diet. It will keep your appetite in check without any threat of weight gain.


Thanks to the anti-oxidants in it, green tea has always been a strong source of weight loss. If drunk regularly, you can experience a significant loss in your weight. Nutritionists recommend consuming green tea without sugar for maximum benefits.

Obesity is the root cause for multiple health problems such as high blood pressure, heart ailments, diabetes and more. If we control our diet, exercise regularly and implement these home remedies, we can surely stay away from those diseases. 

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