Monday, 6 November 2017

How in vitro fertilization (IVF) works

There are several methods that you can try if you are having troubles about getting pregnant. You may visit your doctor for many different alternatives. In the case however that all attempts fail, doctors usually consider In Vitro Fertilization as a last resort. To guide you, here is a step by step procedure to the treatment:

Preparatory Stage 
The In Vitro Fertilization treatment begins with the preparatory stage. During this period, you will be given medication that will prepare your body for the processes to follow. In some instances, you may be prescribed birth control pills. This is temporary and is meant to counter problems like ovarian cysts.

Ruling Out Potential Hindrances 
This next step will begin when your period comes. During this stage, the focus will be on getting rid of the hindrances that might get in the way of the In Vitro Fertilization treatment like ovarian cysts. So during this stage, you might undergo several tests like ultrasound sessions and blood tests. You may also undergo medication.

Egg Cell Stimulation 
When step one through step two is successful, your doctor will now begin the stimulation of the egg cells. Through a series of medications, your body will produce healthy oocytes. This is usually done with the use of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) shots. This is a crucial step because incorrect timing can produce incompatible egg cells.

Egg Cell Retrieval 
When healthy egg cell are produced, that is not say not overly matured or underdeveloped, they will be extracted from your body using a needle. This may sound uncomfortable but the procedure is rather simple. Also, doctors sometimes use sedatives to make you relax throughout the procedure.

Fertilization Process 
After egg cells are retrieved, they will be brought to a laboratory where they will be fertilized. The sperm cells from your husband will be used for this. Therefore, sperm cells will be extracted from your husband on the same day as well. This is important because the fertilization must occur between within 12 to 24 hours or it will fail.

Maturing The Embryo 
After fertilization of several egg cells, they will be allowed to mature into embryos. This will be accomplished while the egg cells are stored. In many cases, several high quality embryos may be formed. Many laboratories preserve some embryos for future use should the first attempt fail.

Embryo Planting 
Next to the In Vitro Fertilization treatment is the returning of the embryo into you womb. This usually occurs around three to five days after the fertilization of the egg cells extracted from your body. Of course, there is a possibility of failure. The procedure can be repeated again if necessary. With several tries, it is bound to succeed.

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