Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Dr. Rashmi Sama @ Best Pulmonologist in Delhi

The increasing pollution in today’s world makes it impossible for any of us to avoid the unhealthy air we breathe. It is a simple fact that, no matter what we do and how many precautions we tend to take, it is impossible to have a completely pure set of lungs. There are two things that we need to pay attention to, it may not be possible for us to feel the effect of breathing in unclean air for a prolonged period of time. This is generally because, the impact of pollution on our lungs begin to back fire after a certain period of time. The other is the idea that although you cannot avoid breathing, you can most definitely take some precautions that will help you to reduce the negative impact of the polluted air.

This is where Lazoi will come to your rescue. Seek help from the best pulmonologist in Delhi who you can access through Lazoi.com. A pulmonologist will be able to help you with all the tips you need to make sure your lungs and the entire respiratory tract is protected and is in good condition. Protect your chest and lungs from the negative impact of the polluted air by getting in touch with the best pulmonologist in Delhi.

Even if you are experiencing minor irritations during breathing or some kind of uneasy sensation in the respiratory tract, it is suggested that you seek immediate relief from the best pulmonologist in Delhi. Avoiding such symptoms can lead to an increase of these problems that may culminate into something serious and dangerous. Please keep in mind that immediate treatment and precaution is of utmost importance in case of any lung related problems.

For the best treatment of your lungs and chest related issues, we suggest you get in touch with Dr Rashmi Sama who is one of the best pulmonologist in Delhi.

More about the doctor:

Dr. Rashmi Sama is a Consultant Pulmonologist in Rajendra Nagar. She has an experience of over sixteen years and is one of those doctors who are in major demand for all their services. As a Pulmonologist, her area of expertise includes Allergy, Asthma, Bronchoscopy, Emphysema, Interventional Pulmonology, Pulmonary Function Test, Respiratory Diagnostic, Sleep Medicine, Tuberculosis, Cough Treatment, Breathlessness Treatment, Allergy testing, Thoracoscopy, Chest Disease Treatment, Pleurisy and Bronchitis Treatment.

She is qualified in MBBS from Kasturba Medical College in 2002, MD (Critical Care Medicine) from American Board of Internal Medicine in 2005 and MD (Pulmonary Medicine) from American Board of Internal Medicine in 2008.

Currently, she is practicing as a Chest Specialist in Sri Ganga Ram Hospital and Sama Hospital in Delhi.

You Can book an online appointment with Dr. Rashmi Sama on https://www.lazoi.com/docs/DrRashmiSama-Pulmonologist-Delhi

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