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Cervical health Facts

January is the month which is known for cervical health awareness month. As women, it is very important to recognize different cervical related health issues that may come up.

A lot of women don’t even know about her Cervix. They don’t know about their Cervix as they are unable to see it. Cervix is located between the Uterus and Vagina. Cervix is about 2 inches long and sits at the bottom of your Uterus and at the top of the Vagina. Cervix is remarkably resilient. Cervix is an essential body part in the female reproductive system.

Cervix has glands which secretes mucus – used for self-cleansing of the vulva. Cervix can be affected by bacteria and viruses. Preventive measures, like avoiding direct contact with infected people and also enhancing hygiene, are highly recommended to enhance the health of the cervix.

Some of the facts of Cervix are as follows:-

1.     It plays a big role in Reproduction

The Cervix carries sperm into uterus. Baby can pass through the Vagina when the Cervix holds the fetus in the uterus until it’s time to give birth and the urinal contractions cause it to widen to about 10 centimeters. 

2.     It tries to protect your fertility

Your cervix is known to be your first wall of defense against Sexually Transmitted Diseases that could result in infertility. You cannot get to the uterus without going through the Cervix.

3.     Trichimonas

Trichimonas is a parasite mostly found in pubic hair. This Trichimonas is easily transmitted from one person to another during sex. During this, the Cervix becomes very red and can be noticed during smear test.

4.     Most Cervical Cancers are caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

The most common Sexually Transmitted Infection is Human Papilloma Virus. More than 80% of the women will be infected from this HPV before they are 50 as per some statistics. The virus can alter the cells of the cervix and these changes can lead to cervical cancer if not detected and treated.

5.     How Cervical Cancer can be Prevented

Cervical Cancer which is caused in cervix can be prevented through regular screening and early treatment. It is the most treatable female cancer. Women at the age of 21 and more can be tested for this cervical cancer. The test is done through smear test or swab test.

6.     Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccine

The Human Papilloma Virus vaccine doesn’t treat existing disease, but it can protect against the types of Human Papilloma Virus that cause cervical cancer. It’s recommended for ages 9 to 26. The vaccine works best in the body when it’s given in youth.

There is new HPV vaccine discovered approved by FDA, previous vaccine covered 4 strains of the virus while the new one covers 9 whole strains making it that much more effective. Vaccine is recommended for girls and women ages 11 to 26.

7.     A big NO to Cigarettes

Smoking increases the chances of having cervical cancer. With smoking, the immunity of women gets decreased and system becomes less effective in fighting against HPV infections.

Scrubbing, douching, sprays, use of perfumes, and other products used for cleansing inside the vulva, are not recommendable since vulva has mucus for self cleansing.

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