Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Dr. Kanika Goel (Physiotherapist) is talking about the importance of correct posture

How you tend to position your body when you are seated is the kind of posture your body is in that whole time. It is very crucial to keep a proper posture of the body because it directly impacts how your body is aligned and how it causes stress on your ligaments, tendons and muscles. If you keep sitting in a poor posture it is going to negatively affect your body and cause discomfort.

When you continue to keep a good posture, it makes sure that your alignment is such that stress is equally distributed to the muscles and ligaments. This will allow your muscles to function properly and will decrease the wear and tear of your joints. Further decreasing the risk of joint discomfort and degenerative arthritis. When your muscles, ligaments and joints are working properly they also support the flawless functioning of all your vital organs.

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