Friday, 6 October 2017

Tips for happy and safe Diwali - Precaution to be taken while bursting c...

Hey Loved ones! It has been a long long wait for us. And finally,
Deepavali is knocking on our doors once more. After one whole year it is
time again to indulge in a grand celebration with fireworks. While you
have fun we would, however, always advice you to keep a check on
yourself and not get carried away. Fireworks can be dangerous and a
little carelessness on your part can result in serious damages of
property and physical harm - of you and your loved ones. So scroll down
and have a look at our Fire Works Safety Tips for Diwali. While you have
a sparkling time, follow these simple precautions to keep safe. We
request you to click here and pass on this page to as many people as you
know. Make this Diwali a safe time for you and your close ones. Shubh

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