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Dengue : Causes, symptoms, diagnosis, prevention and treatment

A little dark mosquito bearing white stripes, called the Aedes Aegypti mosquito is the essential transporter and transmitter of this infection. This Dengue causing mosquitoes are dynamic amid the day. It populates amid blustery season and the period tailing it (July to October in India). It’s run of the mill alcoves are water-filled dormant window boxes, neglected tires, and water stockpiling compartments. There is initial a sentiment coldness, trailed by serious torment in a few sections of the body, for example, the appendages, back or head. There is dependably a part cerebral pain, most servers in the frontal area and back of the eyes. The eyes wind up noticeably red and watery. The temperature rises quickly from 103 to 105 degree Fahrenheit. There is no craving. Sickness and regurgitating are normal. In kids, shakings and insanity are normal. One the third day the temperature generally falls, joined by plentiful sweat, the entry of much pee and in some cases brutal looseness of the bowels.

Dengue shows up in two structures: Classical Dengue Fever or Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever. The patient builds up the illness running from 3 days to 2 weeks (for the most part 4-7days) of being contaminated by the dengue bearing mosquito and the whole length of established dengue fever could last around 5-7 days before the patient recuperates.

Symptoms of Dengue

High fever with cool out of the blue
• Muscle and joint torments that is Severe
• Frontal cerebral pain that is Severe
• Eye torment that increments with eye development
• Severe shortcoming joined by taste and hunger misfortune
• Abdomen torment with sickness and heaving
• Sickness feeling with despondency
• Nose, mouth or gums dying

General Management of Dengue:

• Carry out hydrotherapy if fever is more than 102°F (to cut down the temperature)
• Hydrate in bounty, drink a lot of liquids.
• Rest and proceed with typical nourishment consumption
• Keep far from mosquito chomp and contamination; keep others from getting this disease
• Replace lost body liquids routinely
• Control dying, transfusions of platelets might be required (a sort of platelets which turn out to be low in DHF and DSS)

Note: Symptoms of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever require dire restorative consideration. In the event that any of the side effects demonstrative of it creates, surge the patient to the closest clinic at the most punctual for proper examinations and treatment.

Homeopathic Dengue treatment

The accompanying are the regularly utilized homeopathic prescriptions for Dengue fever. Be that as it may, it is exhorted that a qualified homeopathic specialist ought to be counseled for legitimate treatment and care.

Aconitum napellus 30: Usually taken amid early phase of fever with manifestation like; high fever (redness of face), serious cerebral pain, intense tension and anxiety, frosty sweat, hunger for water at visit interims.

Bryonia alba 30  for seriousness of side effects like; exceptional cerebral pain at the sanctuaries, head blasting sensation, eye torment, dry mouth with tongue covered white in the center, Pain in joints, which deteriorates amid development.

Eupatorium perfoliatum 30: Chills gone before by extraordinary thirst, extreme soreness and hurting in bones, sickness and spewing, Sweating gives help with the exception of cerebral pain.

Rhus Toxicodendron 30 vibe of soreness and wound in entire body, Severe throbbing of appendages and bones which is more terrible amid rest and better while moving around, Chilliness with sensation as though icy water is poured, Extreme eagerness with persistent change of position.

Echnacea angustofolia 1x Tablets: It is known to cause incitement of resistant framework and the dynamic fixings are reported to have calming, hostile to viral action, 1-2 tablet twice a day.

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